Linux Training in Chandigarh

Linux is an operating system that evolved from a kernel created by Linus Torvalds.Linux is an operating system means that it’s developed to be used as an alternative to other operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, MS-DOS, Solaris and others.
CBITSS is in the business of providing high-class training in Linux.CBITSS also provide support and online solution in Linux administration.
Why learn Linux :-

1.Open Source – The main aim of using linux as an operating system in industry is that it is very cost effective as it can be freely obtained on internet.

2. Easy to network – Linux systems can be networked seamlessly as linux can support multiple network devices.

3. High scope in future – The use of linux has grown rapidly among Multinational companies.Now a days one can find linux servers in many organisation.

4. Extremely secure – Linux is one of the most secure operating systems.The permission applied to files and directories prevent access by unwanted visitors or viruses.

Our course has been designed to suit the trends and expectations of the industry as well as the skills of the students.

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