authorMy name is Ankur Mohan.I live in Chandigarh.I am computer graduate.I am very cyber savvy.I have done intensive programming on several languages.I have also done a lot of study in the field of Wide Area Networking. Currently i am working as a Technical Consultant in Cbitss.I am always striving to live my life to the full potential by constantly learning new things so that i am updated according to the latest industry standards. I am of the opinion to share my knowledge with my technical peers.

My Mission Statement

My aim is to give valuable guidence to people who want to shape their careers in I.T industry by analysing their interest area and skill set.

Database – I have knowledge in Mysql and Sql server.
Shell scripting – I am an expert in shell scripting.I find this technology very tasty.I have made more than 1000 scripts by which i automate routine tasks in linux platform.
WAN Technologies – I am very well in Routing and Switching concepts on Cisco equipment.
Several Server Implementation – I have deep interest and knowledge in configuring Mail server, apache server and LAMP(Linux Apache Mysql Php) server on a system.
Network Designing –  I have expert knowledge of network topologies and can design cost-effective and secure networks.
Web Hosting – The process of registering,moving,transferring a site on the web and DS,VPS,Shared hosting is known to me.
Internet Marketing – I am well versed about internet markeeting(SEO/SEM/PPC) and know about the tricks which influence page rank of a site in Google search engine.
Online Bidding – I have deep knowledge of the procedure in which a developer can bid on-line projects and earn money by working from home.

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